AZOTEK has been providing high-end solutions for industrial applications since 2001. Based in Taoyuan, Taiwan, we produce high quality flexible adhesiveless all-polymide or all-liquid crystal polymer composite 2-Layer FCCL products for customers throughout the world. We are proud of our products and the partnerships we continue to forge at the leading edge of the industry.

In an ever-changing world, knowledge truly is power. By tracking developments in the dynamic electrical and electronic industries, we are able to deliver the best possible solutions on time, every time. We are committed to the advancement of technology through the success of our valued customers.

The Products

Our customers demand quality and consistency, and we always deliver. Our high tech quality assurance system and production capabilities ensure consistent delivery of products and services of unmatched quality. Your success is our success, and we make sure it happens.

The Process

Exclusive polyimide/polymer recipes and highly advanced solid precision coating and lamination technology enable us to composite materials with markedly different properties. Quality and consistency are 100% assured, as every step of this cutting-edge process is precisely controlled and monitored.


The AZOTEX® series of quality FCCL products are used extensively in high-density FPC and high impedance control, multilayer interconnections and rigid-flex wiring, COF, CSP, BGA, and PDP driver packaging. It doesn’t stop there, however our customers continue to develop new, innovative technologies and we are proud to be part of this process. With AZOTEX® the possibilities really are infinite.

High Thermal Stability

Quantum mechanically optimized, AZOTEX® has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) and remarkable thermal stability. AZOTEX® ’s high operating temperatures ensure that this stability is maintained during flexible circuit processing.

High Dimensional Stability

AZOTEK utilizes the concepts of quantum mechanics to construct very thin flexible copper clad laminates (FCCL) with outstanding dimensional stability. AZOTEX® ’s remarkable stability and strength ensure optimum performance and added reliability in subsequent processing and circuit applications.


Exceptional Processing Durability

An extremely durable material, AZOTEX® gives our customers more processing lead time. Performance, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance are all maintained in harsh processing environments, making AZOTEX® ideal for a wide range of applications.

Electrical Properties

Advanced casting and lamination technology gives customers the freedom to select different types and thicknesses of copper foil according to their processing needs. This versatility ensures high-speed, high-frequency conductivity and optimum performance every time.

Mechanical Strength

Produced using a unique adhesiveless prefabrication method, AZOTEX® ’s outstanding mechanical strength and flexibility provide our customers with a high degree of design freedom. AZOTEX® maintains excellent electrical/physical/optical properties and chemical resistance in harsh processing environments, ensuring 100% reliability in all applications.

Our Promise

At AZOTEK, quality and service are more than just words. We stand behind our products and are committed to delivering the best possible customer service. Our high-tech facilities, dedicated staff, and trusted suppliers give us the flexibility to provide the perfect solution every time.

Our People

Innovation is the key to success, and at AZOTEK the search for new solutions never stops. Our outstanding R&D team continue to push the envelope and develop groundbreaking production processes and products that help to shape our world and our future.