CSR Policy
  1. Corporate Social Responsibility includes sound and comprehensive corporate governance, balancing stakeholder interests, environmental protection and giving back to society. AZOTEK thereby promises to:
  2. Abide by laws and regulations.
    Maintain good corporate governance.
    Follow proper business ethics.
    Provide a safe workplace and reasonable salaries and welfare to employees.
    Increase the firm’s value to enhance shareholders’ interests and employees’ well-being.
    Establish a partnership with stakeholders and maintain a smooth communication with them to pursue greater profits. 
    Implement environmental protection and energy reduction measures to reduce impacts on the environment.
    Conduct research and development and foster innovations. Value intellectual property rights and strive to push technological development to ensure sustainable economic development.
    Establish a smooth communication and maintain a good relationship with both clients and suppliers. Ensure resources are effectively used within and outside the firm to enhance our performance.
  3. Follow current social issues and trends and make them our goals in order to fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility.
  4. Operate a no conflict minerals policy — we do not buy or use conflict minerals.
  5. To uphold Corporate Social Responsibility, AZOTEK has committed not to buy or use conflict minerals and to continue paying attention to related issues. It will also abide by International norms and make contributions to help the conflicted zones to protect its clients’ interests and follow the Code of Conduct of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Note: Conflict minerals refer to metal mines that militia groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo excavate to fund their weaponry for continuous looting and fighting with the government. These mines excavate minerals such as coltan, cassiterite, tungsten and gold have thereby been considered controversial by the International community. Minerals extracted from them such as tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), wolfram(W), cobalt(Co) and gold(Au) are therefore considered conflict minerals.